Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Transparency Principle:

As the first and only company publishing an annual report in its sector, DRD transparently discloses its financial information through annual reports and website for nine years.

Financial Power:

As the first company issuing plain bond in the sector, DRD launches successful cooperations with both national and international finance institutions.

High Credibility:

DRD is the only company assessed by two individual international credit ratings agencies in the sector.

Sector Leadership:

In addition to providing long-term (24 - 48 months) leasing service to the businesses, DRD has made an investment into a new business and is the pioneer of the sector in long-term private leasing.

Vehicle Park Value:

DRD ranks first in the sector for its vehicle fleet value.


As the biggest company with its customer portfolio in the market, As of the end of 2020, DRD represents 10 of the market with 25.824 vehicles.