Credit Allocation Unit

Credit Allocation Unit determines whether the company is capable of and willing to make repayments as a result of detailed examination of financial, legal and commercial status by taking the market and economic conditions of the real persons and legal entities, who make a leasing request, and aims minimizing the risk by evaluating the leasing request through applicable legislation, general credit technique and company’s credit policies. In line with this purpose, it aims creating a risk culture within the company.
This unit also determines the approval criteria and procedures according to the company’s mission, vision and targets, evaluates the leasing requests, and ensures that risk analysis and scoring-rating processes regarding the leasing requests are carried out efficiently within the scope of the authorities set out in the policies. The unit makes the preparations required for the Credit Committee holding weekly meetings, and evaluates and concludes the requests that are under the unit’s authority.
Credit Allocation Team is involved of two separate Credit Allocation Teams, Individual and Corporate, for the received leasing requests. It is among the priorities of the unit to automate the assessment process at maximum level within the scope of company’s vision and to continue with the process through the system.