Fleet Leasing Sector

In 2020, 57 thousand 500 vehicles were purchased for the sector at a cost of 12.7 billion TL. According to the data of TOKKDER, the vehicle park of companies that make long-term rentals decreased by 5.6 percent to 263 thousand units.

The number of customers decreased by 11.4 percent and the total number of customers decreased to 35 thousand 900. In 2017, when the sector peaked, the vehicle park consisted of 365 thousand 782 vehicles, and the number of customers reached 64 thousand 181. While the sector grew by 17 percent on average in the first 7 years of the last 10 years, it continued to shrink for the last three years.

Fleet Size in the Sector
Number of Customers in the Sector
Passenger Automobile Purchase Rate
Investments Realized in the Sector
Number of Vehicles Purchased and Sold by Years